Mamahood: A Toddler Nursery Step by Step

With my son about to turn 2, we have been slowly transforming the nursery - his bedroom - into a toddler nursery. While this was a work in progress (for example, we created a reading nook for him when I stopped breastfeeding and didn't need a bulky chair in the room anymore), we have just recently put the final touches to his toddler room - for now! 

We are not ready to give up the crib for now - my son is still comfortable and safe in his bed and we are in no rush to have him come drag us out of bed at 6 am on Sundays! Once we do, however, we will make sure to use a bed rail like this one to make the transition safely. Here are some tips we kept in mind while switching things around. 

We are starting to potty-train our son. He's not there yet and it might take a bit of time, but the changing table was getting to be more of a hazard than anything else. We used an Ikea dresser as a changing table and he loved to jump from the changing pad into our arms - without any warning! Plus, having a dresser in the room made me really antsy now that he is able to open drawers. We now slide the changing pad under his bed and change him on the floor. We decided to switch out his dresser for bookshelves, in order to accommodate his ever-growing book collection. We love this one, which will look great for years to come. 

Because the shelves are very neutral, we decided to add pops of color here and there, as well as some wall art. Prints are always a good idea, or you could get a custom framed print. We also added a fun little lamp for a pop of metallic. Unique plush toys are also a good idea, and make for cute decor you can switch up easily. 

Because we got rid of the dresser / changing table, we had to reorganize my son's closet completely. Closet organizers like this one are a tremendous help for an easy and affordable solution. Buy a couple and you're set, without expensive closet building. We also love bins and hampers that are pretty enough to sit on the shelves. They add color and are very convenient to keep toys stored. 

To ensure your child's safety, make sure to secure your shelves and dressers to the wall!

Beauty: The Best Natural Deodorant

I have been interested in natural deodorants for several years now. Pretty much when I discovered what ingredients were used in regular anti-perspirants and deodorants. I've tried many different natural brands and was always disappointed. Mind you, I don't sweat more than the average human. Probably less, even. But I do know when a deodorant isn't working. 

When I became pregnant with my son, I didn't want any type of aluminum or other bad chemical near my skin, especially not so close to my breasts. 

That's when I discovered the Lavanila deodorants. Made with essential oils, natural essences and perfumes and without any harsh chemicals, they come in a wide variety of delicious, clean scents. 

Now these won't prevent you from sweating. And it's a good thing! Sweating means toxins are being flushed out of your system. So yes, you might feel a little wet. But you will smell delicious! 

My favorite scents are the classic Pure Vanilla, followed by the surprising combo Vanilla-Grapefruit

Because this brand is so near and dear to my heart, I've partnered with the Canadian beauty website Scarlet & Julia to give away two Lavanila discovery sets that include a deodorant, a perfume, a perfume rollerball and a yummy body moisturizer in their classic Pure Vanilla scent

Go visit my Facebook page or my Instagram to enter! 

Beauty: Cargo Eye Contour Eye Shadow Palette Review

Cargo Cosmetics is a well-known Canadian makeup brand that has been around for over 20 years.
As a student, I used to love their lip glosses in their little metal tins. They were the best! 

I recently had the opportunity to try their new Eye Contour eyeshadow palette.

Packaging and concept

I believe branding it as an "eye contour" is smart, given how trendy contouring is right now. The packaging is sleek and sturdy and I love the city design on it - although I'm not sure why it's there. The palette is of medium size and can easily be carried in a purse. Inside is a giant mirror, which I absolutely love. 

Color selection

The palette includes 6 matte eyeshadow divided in 3 cool shades and 3 warm shades, as well as 2 shadow bases: one matte, one shimmery. The colors are fairly neutral except for a beautiful deep blue that could easily be used to smoke out an evening look. I think the distinction between cool and warm is a good idea, but I don't necessarily agree with how they classified the shades. The 6 shades are also ranged from Light to Dark. The two base shades are very pink and aren't what I would choose for a base. 

Cool shades

Warm shades

Base shades


That's where this palette falls short for me. I had such high hopes, and the colors seemed perfect for the Fall. But as soon as I swatched them I realized they would be hard to work with. 
I was expecting buttery smooth, highly pigmented shadows. What I got was rock hard, barely there, chalky shadows. I had to rub my fingers in the shadows several times to get some kind of color to show up. They are also very hard to blend. It's such a shame, because this would have been the perfect little palette for the season! 

The palette retails for $28 on

Fashion: Fall Casual Look

It's already almost too cold in Edmonton to wear the cute blazers I've been waiting all year to wear, but the afternoons are just crisp enough for a good cardigan, a cozy blanket scarf and a nice pair of boots. It's no secret my style is casual and comfortable, so I've gathered some of my favorite pieces to create my ideal Fall outfit. 

cardigan: Madewell, necklace: Baublebar, tshirt: Free People, boots: Stuart Weitzman, booties: Treasure & Bond, jeans: AG

What's your perfect outfit for Fall?

Beauty: Clarins Boosters Review

Clarins recently unveiled three colorful bottles that may be small but are very powerful. The Boosters are drops that you mix with your regular skincare depending on your skin's needs.

Why is it so revolutionary? 

Well the Boosters allow you to completely tailor to your skin needs, target temporary issues and customize your skincare all while allowing you to keep using your favorite skincare staples.

You can use the Boosters with your regular serum or moisturizer, and fix a night of partying, a week of harsh climate or a few months of little sleep, without having to switch your routine.

They are different from serums, in that you can use them on a day-to-day basis and really customize your skincare on a daily basis. A serum should be used every day for it to be efficient. A Booster can be used for a temporary fix or as a cure, but should always be mixed with either a serum or a moisturizer.

They're especially good if you have sensitive skin, or if you breakout easily from new products.

How do you use them? 

They're so easy to use and I think it's what I might like best about the Boosters. Just  choose the booster that matches your skin's needs, add a few drops of it to your favorite serum or moisturizer, mix and apply. Voilà!

They are pretty self-explanatory, but I'll tell you which one I use why anyway: 

I use the Energy Booster when my son - or my work - keep me up at night. I am a working mama and it sometimes shows on my face! 

I plan on using the Repair Booster as a cure in the colder months. Winter is harsh here in Alberta, and my skin can definitely use the help.

I use the Detox Booster on the weekends, which tend to be my cheat days for greasy, salty food and a glass or two of wine.

The Energy Booster's main ingredient is ginseng, a plant whose root is highly sought-after for its many health benefits.

The Repair Booster is made with mimosa tenuiflora's bark extract, which is known for its epidermis restoration properties.

The Detox Booster's main ingredient is green coffee, which stimulates the cell-renewal process.

I also love the packaging. Fun, yet luxurious, and practical: there is a discreet little pump at the bottom of the bottle, which allows you to control how many drops you want to use.

All in all, I have nothing bad to say about the Boosters which, not unlike the multimasking trend, allow you to completely tailor your skincare routine to your skin's specific needs. 

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