The Quick Review: Marc Jacobs Le Marc Liquid Lip Crayon

I haven't heard much about the Marc Jacobs Le Marc Liquid Lip Crayon so I figured I'd do a quick review for ya'll! 

What they are: a lip crayon with the looks and lasting power of a liquid lipstick. They claim to last 16 hours and have a "ghost pearl" finish (read: multidimensional, not completely matte but not completely shiny either). 

My thoughts:

Formula: it is very, very smooth and melts on your lips - it's almost a little too creamy, which tends to make application a tad messy and break off the product. It is however, extremely pigmented and comfortable on the lips. It lasts well but is not 100% transfer proof. I don't love how hard it is to take off, though! My lips are still stained in the morning after I've removed this with micellar water and face wash the night before.

Application: see above. I thought it would be a lot easier to apply than an actual liquid lipstick, but it turns out you still have to be careful and have a steady hand. Surprise surprise!

Packaging: I love that there is no need for a sharpener (it would honestly be quite the mess), but I'm not a fan of the snap-shut cap, that tends to, well, not snap.

Shade selection: I think that's what I like the least about this product. The shades are all very dark and while I love how pigmented they are, I think they went heavy on the pink and mauve shades while there is virtually no nude. The lightest shade, "Send nudes" is not a nude at all and is in fact a fairly dark pink - don't let my bright photos fool you.

Overall: while I love the idea of a highly pigmented, satin finish, long lasting lip crayon, I think the Le Marc Liquid Lip Crayon fell short for me. The shades are not my favorites, the finish is almost metallic looking, and the packaging doesn't feel sturdy at all. For $34, I'd rather skip this one and stick with the amazing Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencils.

* These products were sent to me for review purposes. As always, the thoughts and opinions in this review are my own.

Beauty: Buxom Va-Va-Plump Shiny Liquid Lipsticks Review + Swatches

I can't tell you how happy I am that glossier lips are back on trend! Don't get me wrong, I love a good matte lipstick, but I felt like matte dominated the beauty trends for a couple of years there, and I firmly believe there's room for everyone. I love all things shiny, so when I saw Buxom's Va-Va-Plump  lipsticks, I couldn't wait to try them.

The basics

- The packaging is Buxom's gorgeous hourglass shaped tube, in a sleek, shiny black (I do wish the window showing the shade were a little bigger, as you can't always tell the shades apart at one glance)
- It comes in 20 vibrant, highly pigmented shades
- The formula contains Buxom's innovative plumping ingredients, and claims to deliver intense color,  good staying power, with an easy application that doesn't bleed thanks to the curved applicator

The swatches

My thoughts

- Lasting power: A+ (while the shine itself wears off fairly fast, the formula turns into a very pretty soft-cream matte lipstick that easily lasts several hours, including a meal and a coffee)

- Shine: A- (the formula is shiny, but not glossy at all, and I find that the shine wears off - but it doesn't become dull at all)

- Applicator: A+ (I was so scared to use these without a liner, and it turns out you don't even need one! they are so easy to apply and don't bleed at all)

- Formula: A+ (soooo comfortable! I tend to be uncomfortable when wearing lipstick because I can "feel" it - and I couldn't feel these at all. I literally applied it and forgot I was wearing it. It's not drying, not sticky, simply amazing)

- Shade selection: A (There are a lot of amazing vibrant, bright shades, but I want more nudes, what can I say!)

The Va-Va-Plump lipsticks are available at Sephora and retail for $24 CAD or $20 USD.

* These were sent to me complimentary for review purposes. As always, my opinions are unbiased.

Book Review: The French Girl, by Lexie Elliott

Kate Channing is a British lawyer who just started her own legal headhunting business. Things seem to be going well, until a disturbing event from her past resurfaces...

Sounds like your typical mystery novel, right? 

That's because, The French Girl by Lexie Elliott sort of is. A group of friends. A mystery girl from their past. A secret. A body. A female heroin of the clumsy, endearing-but-also-annoyingly-imperfect type because she just can't seem to get her act together kind.  

Don't get me wrong, The French Girl is captivating enough and absolutely entertaining. I read it in one weekend and could barely put it down. 

The writing was good enough. Fairly rich, well-detailed and I could easily picture everything in my head, from the streets of London to the uptight blond frenemy - yes, there are quite a few clichés, but I felt like the author was owning them and did a great job at setting her decor and her characters. 

A few things irked me. Misuse of the French language was one of them. If you're going to call a book "The French Girl", it would be a good idea to have someone proof-read whatever French words you're using in it, or make sure you're using them correctly. Furthermore, I could have done without the forced-quirkiness of the whole ghost thing (don't let this stop you though - there is nothing supernatural about this book - I saw it more as a twist intended to give an edge to the writing, but fell short because it didn't really add anything to the story).

However, I would lie if I said I didn't enjoy the book. Sure, the pace was a little off at times, but if you love mystery novels and are craving an easy-read, The French Girl is a perfect option. In fact, I actually think this book read like a movie, and would make for an awesome script. 

This book was sent to me for free review purposes. As I'm sure you can tell, the views expressed in this review are my own, honest thoughts and opinions. 

Beauty: Buxom Powerplump Lip Balms Review + Swatches

I received my first Buxom PowerPlump Lip Balm in the shade "The Big O" several months ago and was instantly drawn to it. I just loved everything from its pretty packaging, the round shape of the balm itself, to the cooling texture of the balm. So when Buxom came out with 3 more shades last month, I was more than happy to try them all out. 

The product 

The Powerplump Lip Balm contains plumping, soothing and moisturizing ingredients, as well as a sheer pigment to elevate lip care. Its unique reactor works with one's individual PH level in order to obtain the most flattering custom shade for everyone. You can use it on its own or under your favorite lip product. 

The formula

The balm itself is incredibly smooth, and feels like an ice cube. It seriously will not budge (and I use it a ton!), and is so pleasant on the lips. The boosting peptide gives a slight tingling sensation (very, very subtle) to help add volume to the lips. I don't absolutely love the scent of the balm (I'm guessing it's peppermint, at least my husband tells me so - but to me it smells a little plasticky), but it's faint enough that I forget about it in seconds. It's also very easy to apply and glides on with the most satisfying feeling. Because it's so sheer, the size and shape of the balm are not an issue at all (I actually love that it's bigger!). 

The results

While I can't say the balm adds "volume" per se, it does give that gorgeous, fresh, healthy and plump lips effect. I am a huge fan of a beautiful, sheer berry lip and the shade Flushed is perfect for that! I wear it on Sundays when I only want a tiny bit of color in the most natural way possible. I also love The Big O and wear it almost daily for a healthy, youthful, just bitten lip effect.  

The Powerplump Lip Balm retails for $21CAD and is available in Sephora stores and on My American friends can also get it at Ulta

* I was sent these products for free, for review purposes. As always, my thoughts and opinion are honest. 

Beauty: A $350 present from Murale

I have been obsessed with beauty samples for as long as I can remember. As a child and young teen, I had boxes full of perfume samples and miniatures that I would collect (= hoard) and cherish. I used up my favorites, it was an amazing way to try out new scents without committing to a full bottle.

Then monthly subscription boxes for travel size & deluxe samples appeared and I hopped on that bandwagon. I loved being able to try new products for $15 a month. 

Nowadays, I'm always that annoying customer who asks for a sample or two when I make a beauty purchase. 

But I digress. You get the point. I love samples. I use them at work, I use them on long days of travel, or at home to treat myself to an evening of pampering.

And if you are a fellow sample-lover, or if you simply need to repurchase some of your beauty staples and wouldn't mind an extra gift (or 25!), I have great news for you:

From February 22nd until March 7th, luxury beauty store Murale is gifting customers who spend $125 or more on almost anything in the store a tote bag filled with 25 deluxe samples worth over $350

Murale carries a lot of my favorite beauty brands from Stila, Dr. Hauschka, Benefit, Clarins, Nars to my hubby's favorite, The Art of Shaving. If you're not sure whether or not your favorite brand is sold at Murale, check out this list.

My full-size products

You know who else loves deluxe samples? My husband. That's right. He travels a lot and doesn't always check a bag, so travel size products and good quality samples are in high-demand in our house. We use up all the face cleansers, masks, moisturizers and serums of all kinds fairly quickly (and discover new favorites along the way!). I also love makeup samples because I can try out pricey products and make sure they work for me before spending the money on them. 

Some of my favorite items in this fabulous bag are the Stila stay-all-day liquid lipstick, Estée Lauder Adanced Night Repair serum, Benefit PoreFessional pearl primer, and YSL black eye pencil. And did I mention the travel size of St. Tropez tanning lotion? How perfect is that for traveling? 

Again, this amazing gift with purchase is available in store on qualifying purchases from February 22nd to March 7th. Check out for a list of stores near you. #FabandFree

This post is sponsored by Murale by Shoppers Drug Mart. Thanks for your support! 
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