An Imperfect Blog.

Bonjour, and welcome to my new, imperfect blog!

Why imperfect? Because it is. This is not about self-pity, or negative thinking. On the contrary, I am a huge believer in positive thinking. This is about accepting the beauty of real life.

I am not new at blogging. I first blogged about meeting my husband and our transatlantic love story. I then blogged about beauty, because I enjoyed playing with makeup and trying new products. I still do, which is why I imported all the posts from my beauty blog to this new little space of mine. 

But because my priorities have changed since having my son in 2014, I do want a fresh start, a new little corner of the web where I can write about anything and everything. This is it. 

I believe a huge part of the Internet game is about showcasing perfection. The perfect outfit, the perfect house, the perfect life. And while I do like looking at pretty pictures and find it uplifting, I also know it can be artificial. 
We spend hours creating the perfect Instagram moment. Even our lazy days, our mama fails and messy hair are carefully crafted to look perfectly imperfect. 

The thing is, I am not perfect. Nor do I have a perfect life. And while I will never stop trying to achieve perfection, be positive or strive to show the better part of myself, I don't want to forget to live in the moment. This little blog is about finding the balance between perfection and real life moments.

Thank you for stopping by! 
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  1. I'm glad to discover you again. The line you have taken is bold and innovative, I look forward to read more articles!


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