Mamahood: My Pregnancy Must-Haves

I recently shared with you my newborn must-haves, here. Today I decided to make a quick list of my  favorite pregnancy items while the experience is still somewhat fresh in my mind. I believe you don't need a ton of specific pregnancy stuff, especially not clothes. But there are a few key items that I couldn't have done without. 

1. A 5-Free Nail Polish. I did not want to give up nail polish alltogether but the chemicals found in most formulas are not great for mamas-to-be. I love the Zoya polishes because they are amazing quality and there are so many beautiful shades to choose from. 
2. Burt's Bees Mama Bee Belly Oil. I used this throughout my whole pregnancy and absolutely loved it. Of course I got my first stretch marks after the 40 weeks mark (no pun intended!) - but if those are in the cards for you, no oil will prevent them.
3. A pregnancy pillow. Trust me. The Bump Nest pillows are cute and comfortable. 
4. A long maternity dress. I lived in stripes during my pregnancy but black or navy is great too. A long dress is so easy to dress up or down while staying comfortable. 
5. A cute water bottle. Staying hydrated is absolutely necessary when making a human being.
6. Good caffeine-free teas and infusions. David's Tea has a wide selection. 


  1. This oil looks wonderful! I'm sure I'll take a pregnancy pillow too, it seems so comfy :)

    1. It's a little too comfy: you might replace your husband with it ;)


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