Real Life Friday: Mom Guilt

I feel guilty a lot. It's my thing. I'm not kind enough, I'm not a good enough friend, and so on. 
But these days, I feel a whole new kind of guilt: the mom guilt. You know the one? When you wait a little to long to check your baby's diaper and it turns out it needed to be changed. When you look forward to nap time so you can do your own things. When you check your phone instead of playing peekaboo. Or when you're tired and don't have the energy to sing and dance. 
There is no conclusion to this post. I haven't figured out what is okay and what's not. I know I do my best and put my child first. I know I'm human and make mistakes. I also know that, for as long as I live, I will probably feel some kind of mom guilt because I aspire to perfection, and that includes being the perfect mom.  


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