Real Life Friday: New Mamahood

This is not about what becoming a mother is like. Today I am more curious about the beautiful, dolled up moms I see every day on social media. 

You see, I feel like I have it together. I haven't missed a shower since my son was born. I clip my nails, I have even managed to paint them a few times. I shave my legs and brush my teeth. My son sleeps through the night, has been since he was a month old. And yet I do not understand how these pretty mamas manage to get - and stay - glammed up every day! I barely have time for mascara on my good days. How do they braid their hair and put on a full face of makeup? More importantly, how does it not transfer on their babies' faces and smear all over during play time? Sometimes I wonder if it is because I do not have any family around, or because my priorities are different (I don't actually care all that much about not being able to wear makeup). But mostly, I want to know if this is a reflection of myself as a woman and as a mother.

Does social media make you feel inadequate sometimes? 

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  1. I have always wondered about that! Julia wasn't the greatest sleeper, but because I really wanted to get out of the house each day, basic hygiene had to be part of the morning routine. But aside from a quick blowdry and face cream, I'm not sure how moms manage to have a proper make up session, which often includes falsies! I see them on instagram and wonder if maybe I got cheated on the number of hours in my day 😂


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