Shopping: A Mother's Day Gift Guide

I don't really celebrate Mother's Day. I love my mama, and as a little girl I would sometimes run to the florist across the street to get her a pretty azalea on Mother's Day. But she never expected it, and we never made a big thing out of it. This year, I am a biological mother for the first time (I have two stepdaughters) and I think I am so happy and content that I don't feel the need to celebrate it with a special day, or presents. But, I do love any excuse to pick out pretty things! So if I were to pick out any Mother's Day presents this year, these would be at the top of my list.

1. A pretty Maman Poule (Mother Hen) sweater 
2. The most beautiful gold hearts bowl
3. A fiddle leaf tree (I really want one!)
4. A luxurious lipbalm
5. A beautiful, simple candle


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