The Traveling Dad

My husband travels quite a lot for work. Conferences, talks and symposiums take him all over the world several times a year. He usually brings home a little souvenir for everyone. My stepdaughters have started collecting keychains and snow globes, and my husband makes sure to find those specific items to add to their growing collections. When our son came along, we started thinking about what my husband could bring him from his trips, knowing it would become a tradition and a possibly huge collection, so we'd better pick something we like. And of course we settled on books. We don't like having too much "stuff" that ends up collecting the dust. But books? You can never have too many. And so, my husband brings him a book from every city he travels to for work. The book has to be a little specific, whether it's in a foreign language or about the city my husband is visiting. 

Do you collect anything for your children? 


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