Mamahood: How to Make your Own Baby Food

I was surprisingly pretty serene for every milestone of my pregnancy, delivery and first few months of motherhood. Nothing really scared me, from the delivery to breastfeeding to shooting saline spray up my son's nose (okay maybe that scared me a little at first).

However, introducing solids was definitely something that gave me anxiety. I had no idea where to start, how, when, how much. Just like everything else, I figured it out. Today I wanted to share how I make my son's food, and hopefully save you some anxiety.


Because it is healthier ✔️ cheaper ✔️ and extremely easy ✔️


1. Choose the vegetables and fruits you want to give your baby (I usually try to get organic produce but that's entirely up to you!)
2. Wash, peel, cut up, cook. Steaming your veggies is best, but boiling works just as well. Make sure they are cooked until they are tender.
3. Puree them until they're smooth. I use my blender and it works just fine.
4. Freeze the puree in freezer-friendly containers (we use the Munchkin Click & Lock trays which can be a pain to use when it comes to removing the blocks of food out of the tray; small individual tupperware containers work really well, too).
5. If you are making a lot, you can plop the blocks out of the trays once they are frozen and seal them in freezer bags, or you can just thaw out what you need as you go.

See? Easy! While having a baby appliance that does it all might be amazing and even easier, don't think you can't make your own baby food unless you have one, because chances are you already have everything you need at home.

Baby Food inspiration:
(these are just some vegetables, fruits and combos we tried and had success with, the possibilities are endless!)

✔️ Carrots
✔️ Sweet Potato
✔️ Zucchini (peeled, without the seeds)
✔️ Butternut Squash
✔️ Avocado
✔️ Bananas
✔️ Apples
✔️ Pears
✔️ Carrots + Banana
✔️ Butternut Squash + Banana
✔️ Banana + Apple
✔️ Banana + Pear
✔️ Apple + Pear + Blueberry
✔️ Apple + Pear
✔️ Carrots + Beef (ground, well cooked, blended together until smooth)

Do you have any baby food making tips?


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