Real Life Friday: Mixed Feelings About Mother's Day

I wrote the other day that I don't really celebrate Mother's Day. Until now, I thought it was mostly for personal reasons. My own mom does not really care about it. She knows I love her and does not expect anything. I have been a stepmom for a few years now, and I honestly believe sometimes it is harder to get some recognition as a stepparent than as a biological one. And I have my little boy now, who makes me so incredibly happy that no gift or brunch can compare. 

And then I started thinking about Mother's Day under a different light. During the weeks leading up to it, we (myself included) post reminders, ideas, gift guides, and elaborate plans. But what about those who can't celebrate? Those who have lost their mom. Or lost a child. Those who never got to know their mom. Or those who are desperately trying to become mothers. 

Don't get me wrong, moms deserve to be celebrated and Mother's Day is a beautiful tradition. But I can't help but remembering that it might not be a joyful occasion for everyone, and so this Sunday, my heart goes out to all the Mothers, here or gone, new or to-be, the grieving and the hopeful.

Happy Mother's Day.


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