10 Easy and Affordable ways to Relax at Home

Whether you're a new mama or you have a busy career, it's not always easy to find the time - or the money, let's be honest - to take time for yourself and relax at home. If, like me, you can't escape to the Spa or go on a girls trip to a vineyard every time you feel like it, here are ten tips to mix and match to create a nice, relaxing moment for yourself at home without spending more than a few dollars. 

1 » give yourself a manicure / pedicure

2 » make yourself a homemade latte or chai tea

3 » read a magazine on NextIssue 

4 » watch YouTube videos (cooking, comedy, beauty, sports, you name it YouTube has it!)

5 » listen to a podcast (my personal favorite are Inside the New York Times Book Review, This American Life and, of course, Serial)

6 » browse Instagram for new users to follow

7 » light your favorite candle, grab your latte and start a new book (you can borrow ebooks for free at most public libraries)

8 » watch a documentary on Netflix (I love anything about food, have you tried Chef's Table?)

9 » browse Pinterest for ideas for that someday house / baby / wedding you're dreaming of

10 » take a bath with your favorite bath bomb, a candle and a glass of wine


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