Mamahood: The Best New Mom Apps

When I got pregnant I started using a few apps to keep track of my baby's development and get some much needed parenting tips about newborns. Once my son was born I found a few apps that have been really helpful for various purposes. I decided to round up my top 4 new mama apps for you.

1. Baby Tracker by Mobile Mom  •  a lifesaver! When you first start caring for a newborn, keeping track of every feeding, diaper change and nap can be a challenge, especially when you can't rely on your own brain because you are either too tired or too hormonal. I still use this app to this day for naps and when I nurse my son.

2. The Wonder Weeks  •  this is a short, easy to read version of the eponymous book. It's perfect to get the bullet points version of your child's developmental leaps and help understand them. You can personalize it to your baby's name and due date. So far it has been very accurate for us.

3. Netflix  •  need I say more? When my son was a newborn, feedings could take as long as 50 minutes. Needless to say I enjoyed having easy access to Gilmore Girls on my iPad.

4. NextIssue  •  similar to Netflix but for your magazine fix. The selection is great, and it's so much easier to read on a tablet with a baby around.

Do you use apps on a daily basis?


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