Mamahood: Babyproofing 101

Baby proofing your house can seem like a daunting task. My husband and I had about one day to do it  when we came back from France. When we left our son was six months old and just starting to crawl. By the time we got back, he was pulling himself up and standing on everything, walking along furniture, climbing stairs and exploring every corner of the house at lightening speed. Here is a quick recap of the child safety essentials (and remember, nothing is completely safe and can replace adult supervision!).

# Let's start by stating the obvious: if your baby is standing up, time to lower the crib! Remove the crib mobile if your baby can reach it

# Tuck away all small objects, blind cords, etc. that your baby might be able to reach. Don't forget to keep an eye on your smaller garbage cans (in the bathroom or office for example). Use cabinet latches (6) on any cabinet that contains potentially dangerous items

# Use plug covers (2) on all open outlets

# Install safety gates at the top (3) and bottom (5) of the stairs. Pressure gates are not recommended for use at the top of the stairs since babies tend to pull and push on them

# Install a non-slip bath mat (7) in your tub, as your little one won't fit in the infant tub much longer. Our son loves the colorful dots on this one. And always make sure to check the water temperature before putting your baby in the tub - an easy way to do so is to use this little duck (1) that lets you know if the bath water is too hot

# Install corner bumpers (4) wherever possible: you won't be able to avoid all the bumps and bruises, but these little bumpers help avoid more serious injuries

Do you have any child safety tips? Share below! 


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