Bad & Rad Monday

It's a new week, and a new beginning for this working mama. Let's take a look at the good and the less good this week has to offer! 

The Bad 

:: Today marked my first day back at work, and it was a tough one 

:: My son took my hand for about 10 minutes in the car until he decided he wanted nothing to do with me tonight after work 

:: I am so, so tired

The Rad

:: Each and everyone of my coworkers commented on my weight today and all thought I spent my maternity leave working out. I haven't, ha! But it's always nice to hear

:: My son cried had a tough time at daycare today, but he was completely fine during his bedtime routine. I'll take that as a good sign! 

:: Both my husband and brother-in-law are in this week's episode of Quantico. My husband just happened to be in NYC while they filmed one of the scenes, and his brother is an actor in Quebec. Neither of them realized it until now. So funny! 


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