Real Life Friday: Stronger

This week has been tough. On many levels, it was one of the hardest weeks of my life. I have been running on 4 hours of interrupted sleep at night because we are all sick, worried about my son who is still adjusting to daycare, working like crazy, making everybody's lunches and trying to keep it together. Yet somehow, I feel happy. I have never been this tired. I left the house this morning and as I was walking outside I noticed only one of my shoes was tied. I misplaced my wallet. I forgot the diaper bag at our daycare. But I also learned that while I might have mommy brain, my work is done well, my baby is clean, fed and loved, our lunches are packed everyday and I even look presentable at work. I have learned that I can still drive fairly well after a long day at work, even if I am still just starting to feel comfortable behind the wheel of a standard car. I have learned that I can be a badass stick shift driver and I have learned that I am much, much stronger than I think I am. Here's to hoping next week is a little easier. But if it's not, I know I'll be okay. 

Do you surprise yourself sometimes? 


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