Moodboard: Holiday Spirit

The Holiday season is officially here - along with the first snowstorm of the year here in Alberta - and I couldn't be happier about it. I love everything about the Holidays, the company, the food, the decor, the shopping, the feeling that everything is a little lighter and the cheer in the air. But above all, I love the spirit of the holidays and always try to recreate its essence. Here are a few of my essentials to create the perfect December afternoon. 

o n e ⎢ string lights. they create the most perfect glow for a cozy Sunday afternoon

t w o ⎢ holiday movies! these are two of my absolute favorite

t h r e e ⎢ hot chocolate is a must. you can make it at home with real cocoa powder, it's even better

f o u r ⎢ a pine scented candle. to me this is christmas in a candle

f i v e ⎢ christmas music. i love michael bublé and diana krall's christmas albums

s i x ⎢ a cozy and cute blanket, of course.

What puts you in the Holiday spirit? 


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