Home Decor: How to Compromise


I was inspired to share a few tips and tricks to help make home decor decisions with your spouse by a good friend of mine who is moving into a brand new house with her husband .
My husband is not one to let me do all the work – even when I sometimes wish he would. He cares about his home and wants it to reflect his taste and personality, just like I do.
But meshing two individual tastes can be a very challenging process and can sometimes lead to frustration and resentment.
Here are a few things we do to avoid conflict, make sure we understand each other’s vision and compromise when making home decor decisions:

✗ Share a Pinterest board for each room or project: they say an image is worth a thousand words and in this case this is absolutely true. It helps convey your vision for a specific space or piece of furniture. A lot of our home decisions were made through pins of items that we loved and added to our common Pinterest board.

✗ WAIT. This is an important one. Whether we’re talking about paint colors, wall art or a piece of furniture, we don’t make rash decisions we could regret and always give it a few months. It takes a lot of patience but in the end, we make better decisions, save money and avoid resentment.

✗ Respect each other. Even if you disagree on something, don't dismiss it as "poor taste". You may hate bison skulls and he may hate shabby chic, but there is always a nice way to say so. 

✗ Compromise. In the end, nor you or your partner will get exactly what you want. Coming to terms with that from the get go will save you a lot of disappointment and resentment. You can't have an all-girly, blush and gold living room. He can't have a minimalist, completely black and white bedroom. But you can try to include each other's personal touches here and there without going completely overboard, or find a common ground that appeals to both of you. 


  1. thanks for posting this Orane! I have been researching backsplash alllll morning & I'm pretty much ready to go on what I want BUT.... the hubs hasn't seen any of the ideas yet so I guess I should wait until we are both home from work to TALK about decisions ;)

    1. Sounds like the wise thing to do! ;-) Let me know what you end up choosing!


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