Meet The Girlbosses: Angela of KEWE Clothing

#meetthegirlbosses is back! I am so excited to feature Angela of Kewe Clothing this week. Angela and her sister Lainie created this beautiful brand of organic, ethical, comfortable and stylish children's clothes almost exactly a year ago and I love everything about it. The quality of the clothes is amazing, the styles are hip and adorable and their marketing is spot-on.  

Photography credit :  McLachlan Studios

Could you tell us about your business?

KEWE Clothing is a family owned and operated children's apparel line based out of Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada. Knowing how busy children can be, each piece is intended to be as functional as it is fashionable, allowing for babies and children to move and play in comfort without compromising style. 
Our soft, breathable, organic and bamboo fabrics are printed in small batches with water based inks to ensure premium quality while leaving them safe against baby’s delicate skin and for the environment! Independent graphic designers help bring our textile visions to life, making each handcrafted piece truly unique.

Above all that, we ensure that everyone involved in the production of KEWE products work in a healthy, safe, supportive environment and are respected and treated fairly.

When did you start KEWE?

KEWE officially Launched April 15, 2015.  

How did you decide to start your own business?

I always knew that your typical 9-5 job wasn't for me, but what other option was there?! I had been at a 9-5 job since I was 18, didn't have much money or any hobbies really. Then my husband starting working out of town just prior to my pregnancy and I started taking sewing classes to keep myself busy! It quickly became a new found love of mine. 
After having my daughter in April 2014 my whole perspective on life changed. I found myself eating healthier, being more active and getting involved in the community. I also began sewing clothing and accessories for her instead of me! I even made an entire crib set and drapes!! Haha The whole process was so rewarding though. Everything from shopping for fabrics, designing new patterns, constructing each piece and of course, styling my baby! Naturally I was drawn to organic and sustainable fibres due to my new found perspective and awareness of the dangers in so many household/lifestyle products. Cotton may 'seem' like a good option, when in reality, I've come to learn that cotton fields are one of the most heavily treated crops in the world!! The thought of all those harsh chemicals up against my baby's delicate skin did not sit well with me. 
This is when a light bulb went off! 
People had shown a great interest in what I was doing. People wanted the best for their children too. Friends and family were beyond supportive and so encouraging. I wanted to share my passion with the world! As my maternity leave neared the end, I knew that if I were to take a leap of faith and it was a success that this could be my way out of the 9-5 job that I knew just wasn't for me. I could stay at home with my family AND continue to contribute financially. So, with the help of my family. That's exactly what I did. Began sharing my passion with the world through KEWE

Was it hard to get things started? Can you describe the process?

Bringing KEWE into fruition was honestly a LOT more work (and money) than I had anticipated. I mean, I knew what kind of items I wanted to create and the demographic but what about all the stuff behind the scenes?! So much paperwork, so many questions, website design, SEO, logo, packaging, photographs, social media, marketing, the list was (and still is) endless! Thankfully, my sister and co-founder of KEWE, Lainie, was of great help in this department! She really kept me level headed and organized throughout the whole process. I also met with a financial advisor who was able to provide some useful instruction and insight into opening a small business. 

With social media, it is easy to fall in the comparison game. I believe women entrepreneurs should lift each other up - what has your experience with social media been like?

At first, social media was extremely daunting! I didn't know where to begin and couldn't help but to fall into the 'comparison game'. But, it didn't take long for me to realize that the online community is beyond supportive of one another!! People began sparking up conversations and reaching out to me. I have come to know and befriend so many wonderful new people through social media platforms such as instagram, and love having a creative outlet that allows me to interact with our fans on a more personal level. 

What advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs?

Be honest and passionate. You will fail at times, but failure is more likely to lead to success if you get involved with something you truly care about and believe in. Starting a business just for the sake of starting a business will only leave you directionless, discouraged and ultimately, right back where you started! Choose an interest that you can be passionate about. Make friends. Take risks. Don't lose momentum and always be honest with yourself, your clients and your commitments. 

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