Beauty: Saje Natural Perfume Collection

Let me start by saying this would make an amazing Mother's Day present! 

It's only when I became pregnant that I realized how harmful phtalates in most perfumes and body sprays can be. However I had no idea there even was such a thing as natural perfume. 
That's when this pretty little set came in.

The Saje Natural Perfume Collection is a set of 5 little perfume rollerballs meant to be used according to your mood. The perfume itself is a scented oil (the base oil is jojoba seed oil, combined with scented essential oils of neroli, rose, patchouli, bergamot, jasmine, tangerine, etc.) that you can apply freely to all pulse-points.

Each perfume has its own gemstone rollerball and benefits: grounding amethyst (Yoga), loving jade (Tantra), fulfilling quartz (Goddess), calming white marble (Santhi), boosting tiger's eye (Ananda). 

Those spiritual perfumes smell good, are easy to apply and perfect for travel. You can get more information or order them online here.  


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