Drugstore Beauty: Bioré Baking Soda Cleanser & Scrub

I feel like a beauty review is long overdue on this blog! I love drugstore products and affordable makeup and skincare. I recently started using the new Baking Soda line by Bioré and thought I'd share my thoughts. 

This cleanser is supposed to be best suitable for combination skin. It does have exfoliating beads that are supposed to gently smooth out the texture of the skin. I thought the texture was pleasant, it foams up nicely and my skin felt very clean afterwards. It also does a great job at removing my makeup, which I love in a cleanser since I don't always have time for extra steps. However, this cleanser did end up being too harsh for my combination skin which reacted by producing more oil and breaking out. My husband tried it as well and liked it at first, until his dry skin started peeling on the forehead area from using this cleanser. Overall I think it would be a great product for oilier skin.

This product reminded me of the Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant scrub I used to use a few years ago.   It is a powder that becomes a pleasant exfoliating creamy foam when it comes in contact with water. I was a little worried about the packaging  since it can be tricky for this type of dry product that is made to be used with water, but it is convenient and easy to use. I only ever used this scrub once a week, and even this was too much if combined with the cleanser. However when used with a more gentle daily cleanser, this is a very nice, efficient scrub and a bottle will last you a long time. 

Do you ever buy drugstore skincare?


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