Mamahood: The Best Sippy Cups (for what)

I breastfed my son until he was a little over a year old. When he was a newborn, we would give him a bottle of pumped milk at night right after the last feeding of the day (I truly believe this is why we were blessed with a baby who started sleeping through the night at 3 weeks old). We kept complementing like this until he was around 6 months and didn't need the extra bottle anymore. 
And then somehow at 7 months, he stopped taking a bottle all together. Whether I was there to feed him or not, he just wouldn't drink out of his regular bottles. I tried everything and decided to give sippy cups a go. It took a while for him to drink from a sippy cup, but the process was so stressful and required so much experimentations with different sippy cups that I have become somewhat of an expert.

As it turns out, not all training/sippy cups are created equal. I have rounded up our four favorite and their specific uses. 

The Bite Proof trainer cup is great for slightly older teething babies as it requires a lot of strength to bite the spout to get the water/milk out. For this reason, I love it for traveling as it is absolutely spill-proof.
The Miracle 360 trainer cup is absolutely fantastic to teach your baby to drink from a glass. It is also good for their teeth as they cannot chew on a spout. 
The Weighted Flex-Straw cup is the best overall as it is usually the one my son can't refuse. It is so easy to use, and he is able to drink from it no matter what angle he is holding the cup. I absolutely love this one and it saved me from going crazy with stress when my son wouldn't drink any water last Summer.
The Flexi-Transition Trainer cup is the best for transitioning from the bottle. With a soft spout very similar to a bottle nipple and easy to grab handles, this was my son's favorite cup when he was just starting to use one. The one thing I'll say however, is that I had to regularly help him out and pull on the spout to let air go through, or it would collapse and prevent the baby from getting the water out.

All cups are by Munchkin*. 

*Some items were received for review purposes. However I always only mention products I genuinely like and enjoy using! 


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  2. We used the top two munchkin cups in our house, until my son broke the green one. Now all we use is the munchkin 360. Best ever! - Ragil

    1. We love it too! With or without handles, and it doesn't spill. Such a good one!

  3. As a daycare worker, we always recommend the 360 because it is easy to keep clean and very hard to make a spill. We also like the flex-straw, however, the size of the 'weight' at the end of the straw is slightly concerning. Also, the flex-straw has lots of nooks and crannies that need scrubbed and sanitized each day, and often the pieces can get lost like socks in the dryer. But overall, these are my two favorite cups as well.


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