Mamahood: Mountain Buggy Swift Stroller Review

A couple of months ago, we started looking at strollers in hope of finding something that could complement our Uppababy Vista. We absolutely adore our Vista, but it is on the heavier side and we wanted something easy for when we're on the go, and that I could potentially jog with. Not that I'm much of a runner, but on the odd time I do want to go for a quick run with my son, the Vista, while extremely sturdy, is a tad heavy.

The New Zealand brand Mountain Buggy graciously offered to send me one of their strollers to try, and helped me settle on the Swift. The review and opinions in this post are my own.


+ it is so incredibly light! which makes it an absolute dream to get it in and out of the car, and push (especially when jogging)
+ it is easy to fold and unfold, and easy to store (it took me 3 months to fold our UB Vista on my own)
+ the big air filled wheels provide a super smooth ride even on bumpy hiking trails
+ the adjustable handle and hand brake make it easy to jog with
+ it is easy to maneuver, which is one of the things that scared me with jogger strollers that are typically longer - this one is just as convenient at the park as it is at the mall
+ I love that the seat liner is reversible - so much easier for cleaning 


- the basket is pretty small - something's gotta give right? you simply can't have such a lightweight stroller with a huge basket
- you can't switch the seat to face you, which is something I like for younger babies
- the seat recline system is straps, not a button, which makes it a little harder to adjust

All in all, I absolutely love the Swift - and so does my husband. I actually think he might be ready to give up entirely on the Vista, just because this one is so much lighter and easier to bring everywhere. 
It's a good little compact stroller and would even be a great all-in-one option - especially because it adapts to so many different car seats. If you're looking for a light jogger, I can't recommend the Swift enough!

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