How to: Yoga at Home

It's no secret that my schedule is pretty packed. It's also no secret that I am not a big fan of exercising in general. I walk a lot, and used to do yoga with my husband, but after I had my son I struggled to find any time for myself, let alone to exercise. I've been wanting to start doing yoga again for months, but with no family around to watch the baby and a busy work schedule, it's been quite the challenge. 

I used to despise at-home exercise videos of any kind. The yoga ones were usually pretty cheesy and so I stuck to the high intensity Biggest Loser workouts that didn't offer any meditation whatsoever. 

Until I discovered Namaste TV

Filmed in the most beautiful locations of British Columbia, the 25 minute long sequences of yoga are exactly what I need to unwind after a long day. 

Each of the 3 seasons offers 13 episodes, all with the same structure: warm up, dynamic sequence, cool down. 

The instructor and narrator offers useful advice, as well as spiritual insight that is surprisingly (to me) very calming. You see, while I've loved yoga from the first time I've tried it, I was never able to meditate and let go. I find that the soothing voice of the instructor, the beautiful visuals and relaxing white noises really help focus the mind and find inner peace. 

With Namaste Yoga, I can finally say that, for the first time in years of on-and-off yoga practice, both in classes and at home, I have embraced it as a whole, meditation and all. 

The best part for me is that I get to do it with my husband - who is a big fan as well. He even requested we add a session to our twice-a-week yoga schedule. After each session, we feel serene, relaxed, toned and energized. And the best thing? We don't have to go anywhere, make baby-sitting arrangements or spend a ton of money on classes. 

What you need

✶ The Namaste Yoga session of your choice (you can watch free episodes and buy packages here) on any device (iPad, laptop, TV - you can download it straight from the website)

✶ A yoga mat (we love our old school Lululemon mats because they have lines to help with your poses)

A few tips

✶ We dim the lights in our basement and diffuse our favorite essential oils blends in our Saje Aroma Breeze diffuser - it's an easy way to create a truly relaxing atmosphere

✶ Try scheduling your sessions (read why it's important to schedule things, here) - we practice yoga on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays after our son is in bed

✶ Season 3 is our favorite!

The kind folks at Namaste TV are offering my readers 20% off any purchase on with the code ORANEYOGA. 


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