Life: How To Do It All, Including Nothing

I've never been as busy as I am now. I am a mama to a busy toddler who speaks French and English, bursts with energy from 7am to 7:30pm and loves danger. I am also a wife to a wonderful man who enjoys my company, a stepmother, a pet owner, a friend to people in my city, across the world and online, and a yogi at least twice a week. Did I mention I work full-time? And yet, I somehow do so much more than I ever did before I had a baby. 

There are three secrets to doing it All (or at least, a lot, you know what I mean): 

➙ Don't be afraid of being busy. The busier you are, the more you'll do. When you have time to lounge, well, you lounge. Seems pretty obvious, yet chances are, you won't go to that yoga class you've been meaning to try or write the book you've been planning to write until you're actually really, really busy and manage to find a spot for those activities in your schedule. 

➙ And that's where the second secret comes in: schedule everything. I have learned that I need to plan and delegate as much as I can in order to save brain energy and space. And by schedule everything, I do mean, everything. Everything it is you want to do that day, week or month. Down to painting your nails, TV time, doing nothing, sex with your partner or washing your hair. If you want it to happen, you have to plan ahead for it. It's not just about setting the time aside, it's about the mindset. My husband and I had been wanting to start doing yoga together again for over two years. It finally happened the minute we decided on a schedule.

Be efficient. As obvious as it sounds, if you can save time by being more efficient to get extra time to do nothing (because it is also important to do nothing), you should. 

Here are a few tips that have helped me save time, plan and do more in general: 

✓ Have a routine. Granted, it won't make you the coolest person on the block. But your house will be clean, your fridge will be full and your mind will be at peace.

✓ Pinpoint exactly where your spare time is. Your routine should help you determine this. You can then use this time to do all the things you actually want to do. 

✓ Utilize your time better: listen to ebooks while commuting, brainstorm about meals or blog posts ideas in the shower.

✓ Make lists. I cannot stretch this one enough. Notebooks are great but productivity apps are better. You can make your lists and forget about them, because the app will remember it for you. My favorite app for this is Evernote

✓ Know when to forget about the plan, the routine, the efficiency. We all need cheat days. 

How do you do it all? 

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