Beauty: My Favorite Summer Scents

I love switching my perfumes with the seasons. Because some heavier, spicy scents are more appropriate in the Winter or soft florals for the Spring, but for the memories, too. I just love opening your favorite Summer perfume and being flooded with memories of hot, humid evenings, sunscreen and bonfires. Here are my favorite scents for the season; some are new, some have been my Summer picks for years now.

A soft, green, fresh and juicy scent of fig I've loved since I was 10

This is Summer in a bottle! It smells like sunscreen, coconut, and a tropical shower after a day at the beach

 I love everything about this perfume. Its smell of fresh laundry, the luxurious, heavy glass bottle, its simple design, and the values of the Reserve line

 This was my perfume when I was a teenager. It's sweet but not overly so, slightly powdery and musk, with a hint of tanning oil smell that I just love for the Summer  


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