Beauty: Multi-masking with Vichy

Like a good chunk of the population, I have combination skin. It is dry and dehydrated on my cheeks, oily on my t-zone and a little bit dull everywhere else. Add to that hormonal and seasonal changes and there you have it: ever-changing skin type. 

Up until now, I had be really careful with masks, usually giving up altogether because I couldn't find anything that worked for my entire face. 

Then I was introduced to multi-masking with Vichy's new line of face masks. 
And I thought: "Duh". 

Multi-masking basically means mixing and matching various masks on your face, applying different masks on different areas with different needs.
Why I have not thought of this before, I will never know. 

You can do this with any mask that works for your skin, but I just happened to fall in love with Vichy's 3 new formulas: 

✩ To rehydrate: the Quenching Mineral Mask
With a liquid gel texture packed with minerals, this literally feels like a tall glass of water for your skin. No greasiness, no heavy feeling, just pure hydration.

With Vitamin C and AHA, this gel formula will leave your face feeling completely refreshed and glowing. 

It's no secret, clay is good for oily skin. It purifies and leaves your skin feeling clean. However, this one is gentle enough that it will not dry your skin out to the point where it feels tight and rough.

I like to apply the purifying mask on my T-zone, the quenching mask on my cheeks and the double glow on my forehead, upper cheeks and jaws. The Vichy masks are all easy to work with and have very pleasant textures, so the whole operation does not get messy at all. 

One I have rinsed my face, I like to finish off with a spritz of Vichy Thermal water (I love Avene or Evian too if you can't get your hands on the Vichy one) and then apply the Aqualia Thermal Mineral Water Gel, for which I have a newfound love. My husband actually begged me to share, because we both love the gel texture so much. It feels so fresh and moisturizing, yet not heavy or greasy at all. 


  1. cute photos, girl! xo

  2. I have tried different masks and the Korean brands are the best IMO. This is one I'm going to look out for to try as I love my Vichy all-in-one cleanser & exfoliating scrub. Using all three at one time is interesting. I have combo skin, too. Nice article btw!

    1. Thank you! I have tried a few Korean skincare products but only one mask. I'll have to get more!

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