Mamahood: Road Trip Essentials for Babies and Toddlers

This Summer has taken our little family on many road trips. Because we have a lot of visitors during this time of year, we try to show them our beautiful mountains and what our province has to offer. Between the Calgary Stampede, a vacation in Banff with my parents and another one in Jasper with my best friend, we had many occasions to see what works and what doesn't on the road with a toddler. 

My main rule is: forget your rules. My son isn't usually allowed to watch TV or snack between meals. However when it comes to long trips, whether in a car or a plane, (almost) anything goes. I put a few cartoons and a ton of baby apps on my iPad and let him use it as much as he wants. He usually gets bored with the cartoons but loves the apps. Our favorite apps are the Fisher Price and the Forest Flyer (my son is obsessed). 

When it comes to snacks, I try to make sure I pack a ton of different options. While I am okay with letting my son snack between meals for the occasion, it doesn't mean that he's allowed to eat junk food. 
I try to bring fruit in little containers, and usually make sure to bring food that he couldn't choke on. He loves blueberries and apricots and they are a great option if you make sure to remove the pit of course. I also make sure to have a few pureed fruit/veggies pouches for when a restaurant meal doesn't cut it, or if you are stuck in traffic during dinner time. Soft cereal bars are great for mid-morning or afternoon snack, especially if you eat later than usual. And finally, I try to have some sort of cracker that he can eat on his own for those times where nothing else will make him happy. Because I let him enjoy them somewhat freely, it is crucial that they be healthy and not high in sugar and fat. 

Variety is key, because you never know what they'll be in the mood for. What they liked during the car ride might not cut it while you're waiting for your meal to arrive at the restaurant, or when you are eating sandwiches outside on a picnic table. 

I've rounded up some of the items that were absolute musts for us while on the go this Summer:

+ wipes + musical car mirror + duck crackers + folding bib + cereal bars + snack cup + fruit and veggies pouches + sippy cup + hand sanitizer + hands and face wipes +

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  1. Hey Orane, where did you get the blue food container from? The one with the blueberries in it? I have something similar from Indonesia but I can't seem to find anything like that here. Thanks! Xo


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