Beauty: Cargo Eye Contour Eye Shadow Palette Review

Cargo Cosmetics is a well-known Canadian makeup brand that has been around for over 20 years.
As a student, I used to love their lip glosses in their little metal tins. They were the best! 

I recently had the opportunity to try their new Eye Contour eyeshadow palette.

Packaging and concept

I believe branding it as an "eye contour" is smart, given how trendy contouring is right now. The packaging is sleek and sturdy and I love the city design on it - although I'm not sure why it's there. The palette is of medium size and can easily be carried in a purse. Inside is a giant mirror, which I absolutely love. 

Color selection

The palette includes 6 matte eyeshadow divided in 3 cool shades and 3 warm shades, as well as 2 shadow bases: one matte, one shimmery. The colors are fairly neutral except for a beautiful deep blue that could easily be used to smoke out an evening look. I think the distinction between cool and warm is a good idea, but I don't necessarily agree with how they classified the shades. The 6 shades are also ranged from Light to Dark. The two base shades are very pink and aren't what I would choose for a base. 

Cool shades

Warm shades

Base shades


That's where this palette falls short for me. I had such high hopes, and the colors seemed perfect for the Fall. But as soon as I swatched them I realized they would be hard to work with. 
I was expecting buttery smooth, highly pigmented shadows. What I got was rock hard, barely there, chalky shadows. I had to rub my fingers in the shadows several times to get some kind of color to show up. They are also very hard to blend. It's such a shame, because this would have been the perfect little palette for the season! 

The palette retails for $28 on


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