Mamahood: A Toddler Nursery Step by Step

With my son about to turn 2, we have been slowly transforming the nursery - his bedroom - into a toddler nursery. While this was a work in progress (for example, we created a reading nook for him when I stopped breastfeeding and didn't need a bulky chair in the room anymore), we have just recently put the final touches to his toddler room - for now! 

We are not ready to give up the crib for now - my son is still comfortable and safe in his bed and we are in no rush to have him come drag us out of bed at 6 am on Sundays! Once we do, however, we will make sure to use a bed rail like this one to make the transition safely. Here are some tips we kept in mind while switching things around. 

We are starting to potty-train our son. He's not there yet and it might take a bit of time, but the changing table was getting to be more of a hazard than anything else. We used an Ikea dresser as a changing table and he loved to jump from the changing pad into our arms - without any warning! Plus, having a dresser in the room made me really antsy now that he is able to open drawers. We now slide the changing pad under his bed and change him on the floor. We decided to switch out his dresser for bookshelves, in order to accommodate his ever-growing book collection. We love this one, which will look great for years to come. 

Because the shelves are very neutral, we decided to add pops of color here and there, as well as some wall art. Prints are always a good idea, or you could get a custom framed print. We also added a fun little lamp for a pop of metallic. Unique plush toys are also a good idea, and make for cute decor you can switch up easily. 

Because we got rid of the dresser / changing table, we had to reorganize my son's closet completely. Closet organizers like this one are a tremendous help for an easy and affordable solution. Buy a couple and you're set, without expensive closet building. We also love bins and hampers that are pretty enough to sit on the shelves. They add color and are very convenient to keep toys stored. 

To ensure your child's safety, make sure to secure your shelves and dressers to the wall!


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