Happiness: Why You Should Be a Goal Digger (& a desktop freebie)

Goals are usually a good thing, except when you can't or don't reach them. In that case they can be pretty depressing. 
The solution? More goals. 
Let me explain.

Goals are important. They give you a purpose, they help you move forward, they structure your life. How you choose your goals is equally important. While it is good to aim high and be ambitious, unrealistic goals can set you for failure and make you feel bad about yourself. So it is important to set smaller goals too. Realistic ones, that you will have a higher probability of reaching. 

First, they will provide instant gratification once you achieve them.
Second, they will make you look at things differently. Anything can be a goal. 
Third, more smaller goals achieved add up to greater happiness. 

And voilà. Be a goal digger. Make it a goal to enjoy the small things in life. To stop and smell the roses. To make it to the park with your child. To try a new beverage at Starbucks. 


  1. Totally downloaded this. Setting lots of little goals these days and this is perfect. <3

    1. I'm glad you like it :) Thanks for visiting!


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