A Week With the 2017 Ford Fusion Titanium

I recently had the opportunity to test out the 2017 Ford Fusion Titanium. The timing couldn't have been more perfect since my husband and I have been slowly but surely thinking about purchasing a new car. When we first started talking about cars, we quickly came to the realization that our wish list is fairly long, and trying out cars is the best way to determine our actual needs. 

As odd as it sounds to most people around us, we are a one car family and really intend to keep it that way. It's a choice we made because it works with our lifestyle, our environmental preoccupations, and because we'd rather be travelling than putting money in a second car. 

Sure, it requires logistics, especially now that we have a child, but we make it work. I grew up in Paris where driving wasn't a necessity, and relying on my car so much still feels somewhat foreign to me. 

We drive the most boring car ever - a Toyota Corolla. It's functional, reliable and safe. But we need more space, and something that can handle Albertan Winters. Our minds went straight to compact SUVs and we had pretty much discarded sedans from the get go, until the Ford Fusion Titanium came in the picture. 

‣ I drive a standard and was afraid an automatic would be a little soft and not as punchy. The Fusion is incredibly responsive and several family members even commented on it. 

‣ I didn't realize sedans could be AWD/4WD (aside form BMWs? I think?). The Fusion is, and you can definitely feel it. It glides on the road like a skater on an ice rink while keeping an extraordinary grip on the road (even rural Alberta range roads, I've tried!). 

‣ Another misconception about sedan is the space, or presumed lack thereof. Turns out, you can have a sedan with plenty of space for everyone. Five people can be comfortably seated in the Fusion, and installing a car seat is no problem at all. 

‣ This car parks itself: out of all the incredibly smart and useful options the Fusion Titanium comes with, this one was by far the most amazing. You can literally let the car parallel park itself with the push of a button. Let go of the steering wheel, give it some gas when instructed and voilà! We've driven many cars, some more luxurious than others, but this was a first. 

‣ I had a bit of trouble with the speedometer. I thought it was a bit hard to see and would have appreciated something more legible. This car may have had the option to project your speed onto the windshield, which would've come in handy, however I was never able to find it. 

‣ I noticed that the rear view backup camera gets dirty really fast if the weather is bad, which renders it useless pretty fast. You might have to wipe it before using it on those days. 

‣ A minor detail but I thought I would be picky and mention it: I love the heated steering wheel. My hands are always freezing when I'm driving in the Winter, so this is a great feature to have! However I don't like that the command for this is located in the car's computer / main command. I wish there was an easy access switch on the steering wheel instead of having to go through the various computer menus while driving. 

All in all, we were really impressed with the Ford Fusion Titanium and truly felt like we might have jumped the gun when we discarded sedans from the "family car" category. It is a great, comfortable, safe car and was a dream to drive. However, while the Ford Fusion Titanium is an amazing car overall, and the good far outweighs the bad, it is still not as eco-friendly as we wish it was in terms of gas consumption.

The model I drove was the 2017 Ford Fusion Titanium AWD in the color White Gold with Medium Soft Ceramic Leather Seats. 


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