Fashion: Black & Gold

When it comes to fashion - or, let's call it what it is, dressing myself - I'm all about the classics and the basics. I'm not edgy or out there. I like neutrals, navy stripes and timeless pieces. I wore this outfit the other day and loved how it was all black but still had some dimension thanks to the very different fabrics. 

Talk about RBF! I was happy, I promise. 
Top: COS ▫︎ Vegan Leather Leggings: BP, here ▫︎ Shoes: Zara, old 

Bar Necklace: Mint and Birch (custom), here

Watch: Berg + Betts, here ▫︎ Do you recognize this beauty? You may have seen it here.

I wanted to show a close-up of the stunning necklace Jessica from Mint and Birch created for me since the camera didn't capture it well in the photos above. I chose "You are my sunshine" because it was what we had engraved on our ceramic ring holder bowl for our wedding. My husband and I would often hum that song to each other when we were dating and it is very special to us. 


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