Holiday Gift Ideas for Her

First of all, I apologize for being MIA the past few days. I have somehow managed to catch the shingles and have been in a lot of pain. I am still recovering and it will likely take some time, but I couldn't skip the gift guides. They are my favorite articles to write. Here are my picks for the women in your life. 

1. I'm slightly obessed with Lauren Graham and Gilmore Girls in general, but this is a fun read for everyone, I promise! 

2. Remember these cuties? Well they make the perfect present for your girly sister, daughter, cousin or friend.

3. A gorgeous, sustainable timepiece will be sure to please just about anyone on your list. This one is from the amazing Berg + Betts (remember our feature, here?) and they have so many stunning options to choose from. 

4. Those slippers are not only very cute, but they also come in a ton of gorgeous colors, and they are super warm!

5. I am a mug-nut. It should be a word. Seriously, you want to make me the happiest girl this Christmas? Get me a MissChrisyCharms x JustineMa mug. Bonus points if there's gold on it. 

6. No need to be a fitness enthusiast to need a pretty marble water bottle. How pretty is this one?

Are you almost done with Christmas shopping? I'd say I do half of it way in advance, and the second half at the very last minute. 


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