Beauty: Marcelle Cosmetics New Rouge Xpression Velvet Gel Lipsticks Review + Swatches

You know how much I love drugstore makeup from this post or this one. I love the Canadian brand Marcelle and absolutely think it's underrated. They have some of the best quality products with a reasonable price point. I recently received their new Velvet Gel lipsticks (the regular Rouge Expression in Pink Lace is one of my all-time favorite) and thought I'd show you a couple of swatches, along with the new Velvet Gel lipliners. 

The lipsticks have a great, smooth, gliding texture. They are incredibly pigmented and comfortable on the lips. My one issue is with the shade Buff Nude, which is not as pigmented as the other ones. However, it is still a pretty color and can be used as a tinted balm. 

The finish is described as velvet matte, however it does have a slight shine to it. I don't mind it at all, in fact I think it gives a more natural and plumped look and it does make the lipstick more comfortable to wear while still looking mostly matte. But if you are looking for a dry, 100% matte formula, these might disappoint you.  

L-R-: Red Carpet, Buff Nude, Vivid Plum, Pink Blossom, Rosy Nude

L-R-: Buff Nude, Vivid Plum, Pink Blossom, Rosy Nude, Red Carpet

Because they are so pigmented and still fairly matte, they last well. Then again, I seem to have this odd gift where lip products last unusually long on me! But in all seriousness, pair one of these with its matching lip liner and it will last all day. 

I had to include this amazing universal lip liner in the photo. It is not the same texture or line as the Velvet Gels but it is part of the same Spring 2017 release and it's everything! These universal liners have been around for a while but I had never tried one before and let me tell you, they are so convenient! I can't tell you the number of times I couldn't find a liner that matched my lipstick, and this little miracle of a product is the answer! 

That is however one problem you won't have with the new Rouge Xpression Lipsticks since they come with their own matching liners. Just like the amazing Annabelle gel lip liners I mentioned here, they glide on your lips and don't dry them out like other liners would. They are also very pigmented and I even like using them on their own. 

L-R-: Rosy Nude, Red Carpet, Pink Blossom, Vivid Plum, Buff Nude

Which one is your favorite? I love the Plum and Rosy Nude! 


  1. I really love the look of Vivid Plum and Rosy Nude! I've tried skincare from Marcelle but never any of their cosmetic offerings as of yet. I love how they have matching lip liners as well to compliment the lipstick shades!

    Hilary | The Beauty Collective

  2. thanks for the helpful recommendation!


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