Sh!t Happens

I had every intention to post a well-illustrated article tonight. Something about beauty, or maybe a fun new desktop wallpaper, or a list of advice on something relevant. You know, actual content

But then sh!t happened. Or rather, sh!t happened a while ago when my brand new MacBook Pro started giving me the black screen of death. No wanting to spend Christmas at the Genius Bar, I decided to wait it out and went on Saturday instead.

2 days later, my computer has been wiped clean, I have spent the better part of my weekend re-installing boring software and I know feel like doing something fun. You know, creating. 

Except because the. nice Genius dude at the Genius Bar said not to transfer any of my settings on my feels-like-brand-new laptop, well, I have nothing. No fonts, no photos, no favourites, no textures, no styles, nothing.

But there's always Time Machine, you say! Right. Not. After a day of working perfectly well, Time Machine decided to lock every single file I own on the backup disk. Which means, no restore. 

Looks like the crappy luck trend I had going on in December has followed me into 2017. 

Happy Monday.

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  1. Oh non, j'espère que tu as pu récupéré des trucs!!!


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