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You may remember that we started transitioning my son's bedroom from a nursery a while back, with the purchase of this little library. Well the time has come to get rid of the crib and switch to a big boy bed. For the longest time, we couldn't find a bed we liked and that would fit in his room. We ended up going with an Ikea daybed, which turned out pretty good. We knew we wanted something simple that would last him a long time and fit with his existing furniture and somewhat minimalist bedroom.  

We wanted the room to feel like his nursery did: light, bright and calming, with a few pops of color. It's a very small room, so it is cozy in itself. We focused on adding a few touches of subtle color and a bit of texture, without overwhelming the walls or the floor with too many elements. 

Pehr Designs has been one of our favorite brands (if not, our number one favorite) ever since we discovered it when I was pregnant. I think one of the very first purchases we made for the nursery was a polka dot bin that we now use to keep our living room toy-free. Their designs are absolutely beautiful and they add the right amount of fun prints and color without being overpowering. 

When I found out that Pehr had come out with line of big kid bed textiles, I knew it would be perfect for my son's bedroom. We chose the alphabet print because it is colourful but muted. We didn't want a busy print on a large surface of such a small bedroom. 

Because we had to move our son's little desk, we had to get rid of his reading nook (a bunch of pillows on a sheepskin rug). We transferred the pillows to the bed for a fun daybed feel and he's more than happy to read there now. 

We kept the small Pehr designs bins we already had in the nursery and use them for anything and everything: they hold Duplos, kitchen sets, diapers, etc. 

We switched our always-full medium bins for two drum size bins that contain more and are easier for our son to rummage through for toys and stuffed animals. And, like I mentioned, we keep two medium size bins in the living room for the "downstairs toys". They are stylish and don't clash with our decor at all, and can always be repurposed to hold hats & scarves, or as laundry baskets, etc. I cannot say enough good things about these bins. No matter the size, they are practical, durable, perfect for children of all ages, and they are the reason my living room is always 1 minute away from being guest-ready. 

My little guy loves his new bedroom and it is still very much my favorite room in the house. I also love the fact that it is 100% gender neutral, since we try to avoid gender roles and stereotypes in every aspect of his education.

Now hurry and head over to my Instagram for a giveaway with Pehr designs! And for anything else, remember to subscribe to their newsletter for 15% off your order.

+ My son is wearing the Moi + Mama romper from The Whimsical Fox,
+ His little slippers are from Baabuk
+ The duvet cover & bed sheets & pillows are the Alphabet print from Pehr
+ The drums and bins are the multicolor pompom and Noah's ark, the other two (bunnies and letters) are discontinued, all from Pehr
+ The Batman print is from Meenyminy
+ The Paris print is from Rifle Paper Co 
+ The library is from Oeuf nyc  
+ The bed and lamp are from Ikea 

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  1. Hi there, I know this post is over two years old, but I love the design of your son's room! It looks so fresh, cheerful, and inviting! Do you happen to recall which size drums you purchased from Pehr? Were those the large or medium? Thanks! Suzanne :)


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