Beauty: Bio-Oil (before and after scars)

You may or may not remember that I had a crappy month of December that included a violent outbreak of the shingles. It was a nasty surprise that left me with nasty scars all over my back and stomach. As soon as the pain recessed and I was able to start moisturizing the area, I did, several times a day, in order to help my skin heal. However, I quickly realized it wouldn't be enough. So when I was offered some Bio-Oil to try, I said yes right away.

I was familiar about Bio-Oil and had heard it did wonders for scars, stretch marks, etc. While I was tempted to buy it several times, I was always a bit put off by the composition (the main ingredient is mineral oil, which I usually try to stay away from).
However these scars were bad and I was a bit desperate.

The results speak for themselves, this is before I started using Bio-Oil (after using other oils and moisturizers for a few weeks):

This is after using Bio-Oil every day for 4 months:

The photos aren't the best but I wanted to make sure I took them in the same conditions / lighting and didn't edit them. The above one is the only one I have of my scars, since at the time I had no idea I'd be blogging about them! 

While it is difficult to gauge how much healing is natural and would've happened anyway, how big of a role Bio-Oil played, and to what extent a different moisturizer would've given the same results, it is safe to say that using Bio-Oil helped tremendously with the healing process.

A couple more things I want to mention about Bio-Oil:

+ a little goes a long way
+ it is not overly greasy

- I dislike the scent, but it doesn't linger too much
- It did break me out when I tried using on the scars on my back (but I do break out easily)
- While it's not bad or leaky, the packaging is definitely not as optimal as it could be. I think a pump would be a lot easier to handle
- I tried using it on very dry areas of my body to help with itchy skin but didn't notice much improvement

Overall, I'm still not a fan of the ingredients and wouldn't use it all over my body all the time, but I do think it is a good product for targeted skin scarring and skin elasticity issues.

 * This product was a PR sample I received for review purposes. The thoughts and opinions expressed in this article are honest and unbiased. 


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