The Quick Review : New drugstore haircare

It's no secret that I love drugstore beauty products. But while I occasionally splurge on high end makeup, it's rare that I ever buy high end haircare. Why? I'd say half of it is me being cheap, the other half is me being practical: I don't spend time on my hair and I'm fairly lazy when it comes to styling it (brushing counts as styling, right?), so why invest? I'm the same with workout clothes: I'll buy cute workout clothes when I start exercising regularly. You know, someday. But I digress. Haircare, drugstore, let's do this. 

There's a bunch of haircare newcomers on your drugstore shelves and I tested them for you. 

Growing up in Paris where the brand has been around for a long time, I was familiar with GLISS but had never tried it. 

+ This line single handedly repaired my bleached and color-treated hair in a couple of weeks. I used to have the craziest knots when washing my hair, but this shampoo totally changed the game and made it smooth again. 
- The leave-in conditioner doesn't do much but it doesn't make my hair feel heavy or oily. 
The scent is fairly heavy and lingers on; I wouldn't recommend it if you are sensitive to scents. 

The name, the bottle, the scent, the ingredients, Maui Moisture got it right on all fronts! I fell in love with this line as soon as I tried it. 

+ The whole line is vegan and sulfate-free and smells amazing. The products are infused with pure coconut water and smell absolutely amazing. I was surprised at how well it lathers, since sulfate-free shampoos usually don't lather well at all. My hair feels light, incredibly soft and smells delicious after using this line. 
- I haven't found any cons to speak of - just make sure you use a light hand with the oil mist as, like any oil, it can easily weigh your hair down and make it appear greasy. 

+ I love that more and more sulfate-free products are coming out. This particular line also promises UV filters and volume, which it delivered. Never in my life had I actually noticed "volume" from a haircare line that promised it. My hair definitely felt bigger
- Unfortunately I didn't love this line as much as I thought I would. I am not a huge fan of the classic Ever Pure scent and felt like my hair, while bigger in volume, felt a bit brittle and almost rough to the touch. 

+ I love this line! First of all, it smells absolutely amazing and leaves your hair smelling fresh for days. It is also vegan, paraben-free and gentle enough for color treated hair. It left my hair feeling fresh, soft, smooth and light. I also really like the idea of a scrub for your scalp. We exfoliate our faces and body - why not our scalps?
- I'll be nit-picky for this one because I really do truly like this line. The scrub, while a wonderful concept, has a funny, goopy texture. I didn't mind it, but it is a bit hard to lather and get to the scalp. 

Have you seen these products in your drugstore? Which one do you want to try? 


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