The Quick Review: Nip + Fab Kale Fix

I recently got the opportunity to try Nip + Fab's Kale Fix line. It's not new, but you may remember that I love Nip + Fab products - and it just so happens that I love kale as well. I had never seen it used in cosmetics before, but I figured if it's good for my body, it has to be good for my skin! 

Here are the highlights:

+ made with watercress, aloe vera, shea butter and almond oil, this moisturizer is soft and silky
+ it absorbs well and feels hydrating but not too heavy 
+ the formula is silky and soothing

+ formulated with kale, watercress and allantoin, these pads remove makeup without leaving the skin feeling tight
+ the formula is hydrating, doesn't strip the skin of its moisture, and helps promote cell renewal
+ I like that the pads are loaded with product - one is enough to get rid of most of your face makeup (I always follow up with a face cleanser in the shower for residue anyway)

+ much like kale, clay is very trendy - and rightfully so! It's a miracle ingredient, especially for the skin. This mask combines both with watercress, and Duraquench™an innovative approach to moisturizing that forms an intelligent structural layer on the skin while regulating water loss
+ I love that the formula contains with hazel to draw away impurities
+ the mask feels comfortable on the skin and doesn't leave it feeling tight 

 * These products were sent to me for review purposes. Thoughts and opinions are my own. 


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