Beauty: My Favorite Natural Beauty & Skincare Products

You may know I love finding natural options when it comes to cosmetics.

While my beauty routine is far from being 100% green, I'm always testing out new natural brands and stick with their products whenever I can.

Here is a little round-up of my favorite natural beauty and skincare products as of late.

Yes, I count diffusing essential oils as part of my natural beauty routine. Diffusing makes me feel better, whether to boost my mood with an uplifting blend or purify the air with something refreshing. My favorite diffusers are the Saje ones - how gorgeous is this particular one? It is a limited edition designed by Vancouver-based artist Dana Mooney and up to $10,000 in proceeds from its sale will be donated to the Alberta Children's Hospital Foundation's Therapeutic Arts Program. 

I use coconut oil for everything from cuticles to dry patches on my son's delicate skin. This one is organic and comes in the prettiest little jar.

We are super fans of the Peppermint Twist and Sweet Comfort soap bars - and have converted our whole extended family to them. You may remember that they are some of our favorite stocking stuffers, and we make sure to stock up the guest bathroom with a few bars every time we have visitors. 

This dry face scrub comes in a delicious-smelling powder that turns into the perfect exfoliating paste when mixed with water. 

I didn't think anything would detrone my beloved Lavanila natural deodorant, but this roll-on formula has gotten me through the hot summer months without a glitch and I absolutely love it. 

I have to admit, I had zero faith I could ever like a natural mascara. I gave this one a try anyway and was blown away. First of all, the tube is a work of art - but the product itself is actually really good. 

Finding a good hand cream is hard. Finding a good natural hand cream is nothing short of a miracle. And this one smells amazing! Jackpot! 

This tamarind body scrub is full of good-for-your-skin oils and extracts (apricot, almond, shea, jojoba, etc.) and exfoliates the skin gently but efficiently. I love that it comes in a tube which makes it easy to use in the shower. It's not too oily and has the perfect paste consistency.

Do you have any green faves?

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  1. I love the Celine designer sunglasses and also the tortoise LMNT shades! ----toni. v.


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