Holiday Gift Ideas for Him - 2017

I feel like shopping for the men in my life has gotten easier with the years. The poor guys don't have to be stuck with ties, pjs and socks anymore - not that I don't love a good "functional" present once in a while, but there's a bit more variety to choose from.

Speaking of functional.. Kombi gloves are just that.. and more! They are super warm, yet stylish & sturdy. 

My man has been into shaving oils lately. I love this one from Olivina

Perfume is always a fun present to give and to get, and this one has been my husband's favorite this year.

You can't go wrong with a good book, and the latest John Le Carré is the perfect pick!

Who wouldn't want an Amazon Echo? I know I want one, and I'm pretty sure the men in your life do too! 

My husband has been loving the Takeya water bottles. He swears by them: they are wide enough that he can put his powders in them without making a mess, look sleek and keep your water fresh for hours.


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