How to: 30 day wellness challenge

I was recently challenged to commit to 30 days of health & wellness with Renew Life Probiotics. 
It wasn't a tough decision for me to say yes: my husband and I have made a major commitment to our health last year and took some important steps towards a better version of us. Not just for our physiques: basically, we want to live a longer, healthier life. Who wouldn't? 

If you are just embarking on this journey, it can be overwhelming. Here are a few steps to guide you along the way. 
It may seem obvious, but this is really where you need to start. Move, walk, run, find your groove with it. Don't sign up for 5 classes a week right off the bat. You will set yourself up for failure. Set a realistic goal and try and stick to it. I started working out twice a week for 35 minutes, then added yoga, then gradually (after several months), incorporated running and increased the intensity and frequency of my workouts. 
Learn to know yourself and what works for you: I know I can't make time to go to the gym, so I work out at home and run around my neighborhood. I use apps, videos, and go with my personal preferences to stay motivated. 

yours truly, sweaty but proud after a workout

One little tip I have for you: try to keep track of your efforts with a fitness tracker of some kind for the first few weeks. It will not only help you stay motivated but it will make you aware of how much you actually move. People tend to overestimate their activity level. 

Another obvious one, but drinking water is key to feeling your best. You will shed water weight, eliminate toxins, replenish your body's hydration (which is especially crucial if you work out & sweat).. all that good stuff. I try to start my day with 18oz of water, and drink more throughout the day. If you do one thing, let it be drinking water. 
Dieting is not my cup of tea, but my husband and I have changed our eating habits in a major way. Mind you, we were fairly healthy eaters to begin with, but we are even more mindful about what we eat now. It needs to be good (and I mean, yummy, because we both love food), and it needs to be good fuel. We have cut down our meat intake even more, we favor whole, ancient grains, healthy fats, we incorporate vegetables every chance we get and control our portions. We have cheat days, we still snack once in a while, drink wine and enjoy life, but those "core habit" changes go a long way. 

I have also been taking probiotics to help with my gut health. I've always been very careful to incorporate healthy bacteria into my diet (by eating yogurt, mostly - the good kind, without gelatin or corn byproducts), but probiotics supplements are an excellent way to do a little cure if you have been feeling unbalanced, uncomfortable, or to restore your digestive flora after an antibiotic treatment for example. 

Finally, the same tip I gave regarding tracking your activity applies to your calories. For a few weeks only (no need to obsess about it!), track your calories in an App. It will help give you an idea of how much you actually eat, and what your weaknesses are. 
This is the most important piece of advice I could give you. Be patient with yourself. Be kind to yourself. Don't starve your body of the food it needs (or craves, really! indulging is ok, even necessary once in a while!), don't be disappointed if you don't see results right away. As frustrating as it is, this process takes a ton of efforts but it also takes time. So be strong, be proud, don't beat yourself up over a missed workout or a post-lunch donut. Just show up for your next workout and keep making healthy choices at the grocery store. 

Do you have any New Year resolutions to be healthier?

* This article is not sponsored, but I did receive a complimentary 30 day supply of Renew Life probiotics & some tools to help me with the 30 day challenge.


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