The Season of Giving, with Edo.

If you're not familiar with Edo Japan, or Edo for short - they are an Alberta born company that was founded in Calgary 30 some years ago. They offer affordable, fresh Japanese Teppan-style dishes and meals.

I discovered Edo when I first moved to Edmonton, but it's only recently that I discovered how great of an option their food is for when I want something quick, delicious and healthy. They launched a bunch of fun "food bowls" this summer and I am obsessed with them.

This holiday season, and because community involvement is a huge part of Edo's identity year after year, they are donating 25 cents to a local food bank for each spring roll they sell.
You may not know this, but money is so much more useful to food banks than actual food donations. People tend to give a ton of canned foods, not knowing exactly what the most needed items are. With a money donation, food banks can buy those items at bulk price and in turn, can help out more people in need.

And on December 9th, Edo will donate 25 cents to a local food bank each time the hashtag #EdoalittleHelpalot is used on social media - so make sure to tweet it!

* This post is sponsored by Edo Japan.


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