The Future of TV: Shaw BlueSky TV

I’ll admit it: I’ve never had cable. Ever since I left home at 17 (!!!), I’ve gotten my media content online or at the movie theater. It was a deliberate choice, as I’ve always viewed TV as a very time-consuming, inefficient way to get entertainment.

You see, I’d get excited about watching TV every time I’d be in a hotel because some content just isn’t available online - only to end up scrolling endlessly through the channel guide, getting lost and confused, watching too many commercials and giving up after realizing I had wasted a whole hour trying to figure out what to watch.

That’s where BlueSkyTVcomes in. I have to say, I was a bit skeptical at first. Can TV really be made better? Isn’t TV so 2000’s?

Well, my friends. I was wrong.

The good folks at Shaw managed to create a tool that makes TV-watching fun, easy, to the point and exciting!

I have so many good things to say about it, I think I’ll go with a list of pros and cons to make things easy for you:


1- the remote!!! No more jumping between Xbox controllers, TV remote, pressing the wrong buttons. This remote is so intuitive you can TALK to it (and yes it works with our French accents). And it lights up when you pick it up which is AWESOME when you’re watching TV in the dark. The LAST button is especially useful.

2- the integration of platforms. Everything is available in one spot, even CraveTV, On Demand and Netflix. Want to binge watch Gilmore Girls and don’t feel like browsing the Netflix menu for hours? Just ask the remote! Even better - you feel like watching a Meg Ryan movie but don’t know which one? Just ask “Movies with Meg Ryan” and they’ll pop up!

3- the various apps: whether you want to know the weather or sports stats, it’s all there. Change the channel and you don’t need to reach for your phone.

4- the Kids Zone. A perfect, easily accessible world of content tailored to your little ones. No more browsing for 30 minutes before you can enjoy an episode of Daniel Tiger with your littlest. And if you happen to leave the remote with your child, you know they will be safely contained to a zone with kid-appropriate content.

5- the accessibility. You can customize it, tailor it to your needs and have great content easily available at all times. It even offers suggestions based on what you watched. So if you only have one hour of free time, you can enjoy it to the fullest. It is also an amazing option for seniors or people with impaired vision.


1- glitches. We’ve had some technical issues that were quickly resolved by Shaw’s great customer service. No wait times and agents so friendly by email I almost wanted to call them (but not really). So yes, our box did need more reboots than I had expected, but a quick reset did the trick and all my settings were saved.

2- I wish Prime video was integrated, but we still have to hop onto our TV’s smart system for that.

3- Voice searching has its limits. If I ask for “Disney movies”, I get an error message. But to be fair, it’s overall very good, you just have to be specific.

As you can see, the pros largely outweigh the cons (and I have more pros, I just don’t want to overwhelm you!).

I’ve had BlueSky TV for 3 months now and I honestly feel like I haven’t had enough time to explore it all - the possibilities are endless and it made me a believer that TV doesn’t have to be a time-wasting, outdated activity.

This post was sponsored by Shaw. As always, the thoughts and opinions in this article are honest and my own. Thank you for supporting my sponsors and me.


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