Book Review: Other People's Houses, by Abbi Waxman

This blog is turning into quite the book review blog and I'm not mad about it. It's now officially summer and the best time of the year to get your read on!

Other People's Houses is the perfect beach read. Or summer read. Or nightstand staple. Basically it's a book you should read.

I had fairly low expectations (you're starting to see a pattern here) and wasn't sure if I was going to get a reality-TV type of book. Instead I found a book that was captivating, well-written, with complexity and nuance about adulthood, relationships and marriage in general.

Other People's Houses is very realistic - so much so that my husband, with whom I had only talked about the book - had dreams that I cheated on him several times after that. This book tells what goes on behind closed doors in a quiet suburban neighborhood. And what goes on behind these doors isn't always pretty, or even exciting. It's just life. Real, messy life.

The authors manages to write about regular people and make it entertaining, capturing the complexity  of each character, without resorting to being overly scandalous or forced. Everything is perfectly measured, rings true but not intrusive, and ends up making you question many "grown-up" choices. It's also funny, thoroughly enjoyable and quite the page-turner.

* I received this book from Penguin Random House Canada for review purposes. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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